Rental car mobile application

The world has over a billion cars and not all of them are being used. To no surprise, some people have older vehicles and some don’t have time to use them. So why not lease it and make a quick buck out of idle cars? Luckily, there are always people willing to rent cars for trips and DB Best connects these people together.

The global reach of apps allows for attracting customers from all around the world to eliminate storage and reduce middleman costs. Whether it’s someone renting or leasing a car, both parties will require minimum time and effort making deals by several clicking. Car rental application development can be an easy affair and DB Best makes it possible.

Rental car mobile app

Customer viewpoint

Generally, car rental involves two sides: a lessor (owner) and a renter. However, we can add extra roles such as insurance service, tax agent, or even ambulance. Let’s see how we implement the main two roles for customer needs.


Car owners can start by filling in their profiles with the required info and inputting the rental price. This, however, isn’t mandatory as the price can be generated automatically based on the car model and common prices according to vehicle types.

Gathering car info is also automatic — for that measure, we use VIN10. The user can simply enter a 17-digit code and the app will instantly upload vehicle specs. Much like a fingerprint, it shows all car features and the manufacturer details to ensure that it’s a real customer.

Once it’s done, all you need to do is wait for the interested person to show up and deliver the car where it will be picked up by a renter. The station will contain a simple kiosk and a QR code reader. It will be the confirmation tool showing that the car is ready and waiting. The system will send this QR code to a renter. After it’s used, the money will be sent to the car owner.


On the receiving end, the renter needs to register in the app and… that’s it! There will be a map showing parking lots with available cars and once a customer taps the preferred vehicle, the system will send a message to the owner. It will show where and when the car and the keys will be left for a renter after the QR code is entered.

Technologies we use for car rental application development

This is how we approach mobile application development for both iOS and Android.

Rental car scheme

Easy way to get started

Every driver needs a license, that’s why we needed a solid tool for verifying renters’ data. The best way was to implement third-party services that scan physical documents and verify whether customer’s licenses are valid. Checkr API will be a perfect choice for background checks and you have to admit, demanding car specs is a good security step in itself.

The VIN10 technology makes it a whole lot simpler — after a 17-digit code is entered, the user’s car specs will be automatically uploaded to the system. If there is no code, the car owner can enter car information manually.

Check the car like a pro

To resolve possible customer disputes, we implement Record360 API for tracking car conditions and uploading them to the system. From the moment a renter picks a car, the technology allows for making time-stamped and geo-tagged evidence and proving that the equipment was intact.

Going wireless

Stripe API is a perfect choice for enabling QR code payments inside the app. QR also enables check-in and check-out procedures — it is a universal method of operating the app security.

Rental car accessed

Great app benefits

How do we secure your rental business’s success? First and foremost, we will help you make a simple and reliable app that does its job. Just like everyone, the customers value their time and appreciate when it only takes several clicks to get things going. DB Best knows how to create cost-effective apps that nullify the staff cost and frees owners from paying parking royalties. And the only requirements are a QR code receiver and a small kiosk.

Enjoy top-notch development

We at DB Best prefer a meticulous approach when making apps and know how to bring complex features to life. Whether it’s local maps, vehicle objects, payment and security systems, or personal data, it will be gracefully incorporated into the app.

Read our scooter rental application case study and contact us to see how fabulous it is to create your own rental application and start growing your business.

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