Electric scooter sharing mobile application

Shared mobility isn’t a novelty — all over the world, people use shared bikes, cars, and other vehicles. It was only a matter of time before scooters joined the party, so making an e-scooter sharing app was the next logical step.

There’s are a lot of reasons why scooters rock, such as:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Agile payment systems
  • Unprecedented urban reach

According to recent studies, scooter popularity is increasing dramatically. Also, with an increasing number of warm months, it is becoming an all-year business rather than a seasonal fad.

And thanks to our experience in the example Lime and Bird, making an e-scooter sharing app is easy and we already know how to set them up.

e-scooter sharing app

So why is it so popular?

All in all, scooters are just a great mix of things — the requirements for driving are minimal and it’s safe. You don’t need a driver’s license, neither do you have to be a seasoned athlete. Also, with roughly 16 mph as max speed, it’s hard to get into trouble, especially if a driver wears a helmet and other safety appliances.

It’s also convenient for all demographic groups and can boast high durability for its power. And thanks to speed limitations, they last longer. With an average Xiaomi e-scooter costing about $500, a technopark is even cheaper than sustaining a fleet of bike vehicles. You can add in the fact that e-scooter travels 20 times farther than its e-car counterpart.

Plus, in the UK the last bastion of e-scooter resistance has fallen so it’s now truly universal.

GPS tracking

Tracking is the backbone of e-scooter sharing apps and GPS makes it possible. This technology allows app owners to track scooters and make sure they are within the usage area. For customers, it shows which scooters are available and where they can be found. We use the power of APIs from Google Mapsы, Bing, and Esri to both track and provide locations for scooters on the app UI.

Our developers also enable continuous GPS tracking. So even if a phone is locked, the owner has access to tracking data displayed in real-time. On a core level, we make the app use the phone’s RAM and remain active in the background. This allows users to avoid GPS data delays when leaving phones locked for several minutes.

Scooter distance traveled

Vehicle control is a must for a scooter rental application

Made for anti-theft purposes, the lock mode sets the way users interact with a vehicle. DB Best has vast experience in QR technologies and we apply this method for unlocking scooters. It can either be a contactless scan or typing a password that will be shown on a scooter display. Once the scooter rental application verifies that a user has filled credit card data, the vehicle is unlocked and starts charging its fee.


DB Best developers pay extra attention to user experience to make renting an easy affair. We enable notifications for tracking the vehicle and status of the account. If a user has trouble finding scooter, the vehicle will sound a signal to identify itself. We also send users notes about battery usage and a time tracker for their convenience. The integrated map will show users the best scooter routes to the destination.

Payment system

Our mobile app developers have vast experience in linking major payment systems. We emphasize using PayPal API, cryptocurrency wallets, credit cards, Bluetooth/QR payments, etc. We also provide tools for price tuning and adjusting the monetization model — you can enable instant or time-based payments, as well as both options at the same time.

The payment validation can be part of the unlocking step, making charging safe for the scooter rental application owner. It’s up to you how to charge users: before unlocking a vehicle or based on time or distance traveled.

scooter rental application interface

Benefits of an e-scooter sharing app

Shared mobility is the future, and the e-scooter rental app is the pinnacle. It will introduce your product to customers and give control over finances, usage stats, vehicle state, and geo-data. It’s a proven way to streamline revenue flow and add simplicity for users to enjoy and reap the benefits of a solid product.

Go for it!

Get in touch with our experts and discover how you can craft a robust app for scooter sharing or even car rental. We produce apps for both iOS and Android, making sure to include all the necessary features to make your business a success.

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