• Mobile application

This app manages the patient's asthma condition and tracks the medication intake.

  • Mobile application

A social network to store your favorite places and share them with your friends.

  • Multiplatform service

The application helps collect and sign all of the patients’ documents right after hospital discharge.

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Design that fits your budget

Your product — your rules

Depending on the product requirements, we propose several design strategies. Pick the one that best fits your needs and expectations.

Standard design plan


The standard plan includes all the basics required to start the development process.

Firstly, our design team creates a visual identity for your application or product.

We then follow the platform guidelines to provide you with a design solution.

Let’s start with Standard

  • Visual identity
  • Application or service design
  • Platform guidelines
Optimal plan
Premium design plan


The premium plan includes deep research and audit of the existing and future user experience.

Our designers work closely with clients to define and develop a prolific application.

We then provide iterative design improvements to constantly make your product better.

Let’s start with Premium

  • UX audit
  • Improvements suggestion
  • Design advocacy
  • Design-driven development
Enterprise design plan


The enterprise plan implies a long-term engagement and builds consistent human experience.

Our design team develops and follows a vision, not a path.

We run usability tests, analyze market trends and target audience. Developing UI and UX strategies, we build a strong product roadmap.

Let’s start with Enterprise

  • Deep target audience analysis
  • Market analysis
  • UX strategy and vision
  • Product roadmap
Design is worth it!

Great design solutions help your business at every stage

Every cent you invest in design will pay off handsomely. Using certain metrics and KPIs, you can track the progress related to the design improvements. In addition to these KPIs, you will get a brand new cool looking design, which is an unmeasurable benefit.

Build your brand loyalty

Build your brand loyalty

To stand out from the crowd, you need to create a strong brand. Remember that consistency is key to form your brand authenticity. Our deliberate design solutions help fully embrace your brand’s personality.

Avoid feature creep

Avoid feature creep

Designing wireframes and prototypes helps understand the importance of a certain feature before starting the development. You can decide whether to exclude a feature from your application based on real experience rather than ideas.

Improve customer retention

Improve customer retention

Great design may change things for the better. You can’t underestimate the importance of design for increasing customer retention. Also, tangible DB Best design solutions assist in reducing the bounce rate.

Reduce development costs

Reduce development costs

Efficient design solutions not only look and work great. Our sophisticated approach helps form a precise set of application features. Spending money wisely will notably reduce development and maintenance costs.

Better SEO optimization

Better SEO optimization

Looking for better ranking in Google search? The awesome design may help get you there. Following the web design best practices, we create user-friendly and mobile-optimized solutions that rise in the rankings.

Increase sales and revenue

Increase sales and revenue

Are you ready for a significant boost in your orders? With an adorable design, you can expect remarkable growth in sales and, as a result, in revenue. When users like what they see, they are happy to spend more money.

We hear our customers and speak their languages

We at DB Best acknowledge the importance of listening to the customer and know that the ideas are fragile. Our design team dives deep to understand the nature of these ideas, their value in the customer’s world view, and then finds the right way to bring these ideas to life.

Brainstorming to generate ideas

We start with customer communication. Talking with customers, we learn not only their demands but the company’s area of operation. Together with the customer, our designers and analysts generate ideas, discuss the future application’s flow, and discover the target audience’s needs. Leveraging the industry’s best practices and established standards, we come up with a general design concept.

Brainstorming to generate ideas

Low-fi prototyping

Next, we work closely with the customer to create basic prototypes. This can be either paper sketches or simple drafts in Figma, Marvel App, or InVision. Our main goal is to create a live prototype and see how it works. This work may take quite a lot of time, however, it is a must for great design and cost-effective development process.

Low-fi prototyping

Discussing solutions with the customer

We then proceed to the creation of wireframes. We continue polishing these detailed prototypes, incorporating customer’s feedback, and the target audience’s opinion. As we bring more and more details in these prototypes, the application prototype continuously evolves. Adding colors and details, we shape the future application step-by-step. Nonetheless, we may decide to change the application flow at this point.

Discussing solutions with the customer

Cooperating with other teams

DB Best constructed well-oiled internal processes to create solid design works and astonishing user experience. Our result-oriented teams cooperate to ensure the best possible performance of your application. For example, our designers work with iOS, Android, and web developers to control the design implementation.

Cooperating with other teams

Experience in numbers

The DB Best application development team designed and delivered multiple ground-breaking products. We designed many impressive mobile experiences leveraging the likes of augmented reality, 3D modeling, and connected devices.

DB Best helped hundreds of customers — from startups to the enterprise accounts — bring their ideas to reality.

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Stay in control at every design stage

What does the design
look like?

Over the years, we established a proven design process. We leverage this process to design bright solutions for all types of customers. Discover the key stages of the DB Best design process to understand what our team does at each of these steps.

First, we work closely with the customer. After we figure out all the customer's needs, we conduct thorough market research.

Discovery and research icon
Discovery and research
Discovery and research

We then create prototypes, which include an interactive visualization of the app flow. Now you can evaluate the concept.

Prototype icon

Here comes the high time to ask the target audience for opinions. Consider them and also test the prototype with your real users.

Test icon

Keep on improving, polishing, and iterating until your users become excited about the experience they had using your prototype.

Analyze icon

Finally, the design is ready for further implementation. So, now we can proceed to the next application development phase.

Design and build icon
Design and build
Design and build

Have an idea?

Let’s get to work!